first, last, and foremost, bernie is a professional.  he is not someone who moonlights for some extra money on infrequent friday or saturday nights.  as a professional, he helps create that special event for you.  here is what you do.

contact bernie.  give him a number to call you back.

relax!  there is no long list of pre-determined questions.  every event is a special occasion and is tailored as such.  when you talk to bernie, he will want to listen to what you have to say.  weddings are the most complicated - other events are somewhat straightforward.  for example, if you are wanting bernie for a wedding, he will be very interested in you sharing

  1. information about the couple
  2. how you met
  3. significant events

in other words, the event is not just another canned performance.

bernie wants your requests.  there is no limit on requests for the couple or the guests. you can even make requests for songs you don't want to hear. also, appreciate the fact that all songs are not for dancing!  if you wish, bernie can help with this.

since everyone is busy, it is not necessary to have a face-to-face meeting prior to the event.  if you feel a meeting is necessary, it can be arraigned; otherwise, faxes, emails, and phone calls are more than adequate - you can always call.

as a part of your discussion with bernie, you will talk about price and hours.  afterwards, bernie will send you a confirmation to be signed.  also included in the confirmation is a layout for how bernie needs to be set-up.  just know that bernie will arrive at least 1 hour early (before any guests) and will perform for the length of the contract (i.e., he does not quit 15 minutes early).

as stated above, every event is customized to the people, regardless of it being an anniversary, reunion, or wedding.  bernie will even take special dedications. for weddings, he wants the names of everyone in the wedding party a week in advance, complete with pronounciations (yes, he is thorough).

the event should always be fun but a dj can make or break it.  bernie is a professional and understands this.  most importantly, bernie enjoys these events and his demeanor is contagious!

hopefully, you have gotten the message that you are not hiring an agency, you are hiring bernie, and above all else, he does things your way because you are the star!

go ahead, contact bernie.  you won't regret it!


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